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Tropical Cuties Adry 8y.epub


Tropical Cuties Adry 8y.epub

Video With the exception of the track above (title Tropical Cuties Adry 8y -), all others have been deleted, but most of them have been uploaded by Video the Owner, and not the uploader, (r)Copyrights. (r)Tropical Cuties Adry 8y -Primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH) is a complex and poorly understood disorder of the pulmonary circulation. The cause of PPH is unknown, but is often associated with connective tissue disease. We have established an animal model of PPH. Two-day-old piglets were infused with an anti-alpha-actin monoclonal antibody. This treatment produced significant PPH in 100% of the animals. The increased pulmonary vascular resistance in these animals was most likely not due to inflammation since the animals remained clinically normal for the duration of the experiment. Vascular endothelial cells (EC) obtained from animals treated with the anti-alpha-actin antibody, and cultured in vitro, showed proliferative and migratory abnormalities similar to those observed in PPH. The major goal of this study is to characterize the cell surface antigens on EC obtained from normal and PPH animals. We will: (1) determine whether the alpha-actin antibody, which reacts with an antigen in the immediate submembranous region of the cell, is reacting with surface antigens of EC by immunofluorescence, immunoprecipitation, and immuno-blotting; (2) determine whether the response to the alpha-actin antibody is specific for this antigen by immuno-blocking the antibody with appropriate antisera; (3) determine whether alpha-actin antibodies from PPH animals react with human or porcine EC and whether the binding of these antibodies to EC is specific by immuno-blotting and the indirect immunofluorescence technic; (4) determine whether PPH EC react with antibodies to human or porcine platelet membrane antigens; (5) determine whether these antibodies inhibit or enhance the binding of FITC-labeled porcine aortic EC to monolayers of pulmonary artery EC; (6) assess the ability of these antibodies to alter the migratory and proliferative behavior of EC in vitro; and (7) correlate any changes in the alpha-actin antibody immunoreactivity of PPH EC with alterations in the expression of their surface antigens.Genetics of cilia/flage

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Tropical Cuties Adry 8y.epub

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